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Hwahae is the most popular beauty app in Korea that helps you pick the right skincare products for your skin type and concerns. It was launched in 2013 by CEO Lee Woong and two friends with one mission to provide users with accurate information on their favorite skincare products to help them choose the most suitable ones for their skin type. The name HwaHae (‘화해’), comes from an abbreviated form of the Korean phrase ‘화장품을 해석하다’ (‘To analyse cosmetics’). Today millions of users are able to find skincare products that fit their skin type, check their ingredient lists, and read honest and unbiased reviews from other users. HwaHae uses information from the Association of Korean Dermatologists (AKD) to categorize beauty products by ingredients and their suitability for different skin types and displays the hazard level for each ingredient, using the rating system created by the EWG (Environmental Working Group, a US activist group).

We will be sharing and constantly updating Hwahae’s picks for different skin types and concerns here at Corglow. Moreover, we will be bringing some of those top-ranked skincare products to our online store as well. We hope you will find your perfect skincare match at Coglow and never forget that, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Eleanor Roosevelt


Hwahae Top Picks ( May, 2024)

Skincare (Overall)

1. Lindsay – Cool Tea-Tree Modeling Mask

2. Wellage - Real Hyaluronic Blue Ampoule

3. S.Nature - Aqua Oasis Toner

4. The Lab by Blanc Doux – Oligo Hyaluronic Acid Deep Toner

5. Illiyoon – Ceramide Ato Lotion



1. Torriden – Dive In Cleansing Foam

2. Beplain – Mung Bean pH-balanced Cleansing Foam

3. YBK – Relief Hydration Light Foam Cleanser

4. Manyo - Pure Cleansing Oil

5. Beplain – Mung Bean Cleansing Oil


1. S.Nature – Aqua Oasis Toner

2. The Lab by Blanc Doux – Oligo Hyaluronic Acid Deep Toner

3. Isntree – Ultra-low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Toner

4. Tony Moly – Wonder Ceramide Mochi Toner

5. Torriden – Dive In Toner

Toner Pads

1. It’s Skin – Firefighter Power 10 Formula LI Jelly Pad

2. Skinfood – Carrot Carotene Calming Water Pad

3. Beplain – Cicaterol Blemish Pad

4. Reve:am - Water Fit 8 Layering Moisture Toner Pad

5. Mediheal – Madecassoside Blemish Pad


1. Wellage – Real Hyaluronic Blue Ampoule

2. Wellage – Real Cica Calming Trouble Ampoule

3. Torriden – Dive In Serum

4. COSRX – The 6 Peptide Skin Booster

5. S.Nature – Aqua Squalane Serum


1. Wellage – Real Hyaluronic 100 Cream

2. Torriden – Dive In Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Cream

3. Torriden – Dive In Soothing Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Cream

4. About Me – Soop Calming Aqua Cream

5. D’Alba – White Truffle Double Serum & Cream

Sheet Masks

1. Torriden – Dive In Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Mask

2. Freemay – Olive Cica Calming Ampoule Mask

3. S. Nature – Aquagel Oasis Ampoule Mask

4. AllNatural – Houttuynia Cordata Mask Sheet

5. Freemay – Pink Collagen Ampoule Mask

Wash Off Masks

1. BRMUD - Recovery Mud Pack to Foam Cleanser

2. Aperire – Spa Relief Be Frozen Pore Mask

3. Beplain – Mung Bean Pore Clay Mask

4. Leaders - Milk Sponge Mask

5. Ereph - Jeju Volcanic Bubble Pack

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